FINAL what if… finally

Well, I finally arrived at my sort of final outcome, my most finished feeling one anyway, not that it matters as it’s our last full day at Egmont, big sad face.

This one is easier to follow and won’t make you push it aside in confusion and it being light, with the graph paper background, means it can be written all over if one so wishes! (colour’s a nightmare to write onto with a biro, as we all probably know). All must swoon over Helen’s amazing little illustrations, they’re awesome, and go lovely against the light background. This was a fun brief, but hard, as you generally hope that it will actually help somebody! It’s been hard striking a balance between functionality and it just being pretty, I am still unsure if it does do what it’s supposed to, but we will see. 

My eyes are beginning to go funny now, I now know what it’s like to work on a computer 8 hours of the day, in an office, thank god I love what I’m doing here, otherwise I might die in these sorts of conditions. Just earlier, a person who work’s here (her name’s Jo) was telling me how she commutes everyday from basingstoke ARGH! I find it nightmare enough just commuting within London let alone from the outskirts, and Basingstoke is near me, down South. But I can definitely see why she does, as she was so lucky to get this job straight after she graduated from Farnham. I’d probably commute from Cardiff to work here if I had to!! 

I need to blog more of my experience working at Egmont, more for me when I look back, and also for anyone who is interested in how a placement has worked out, so as to inform others who are thinking of trying to get one. But yes for now all I will say is, that I am truly spent! so BYE!


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