Bye for now..

well well well. It’s the end  of our lovely time Egmont. Not sure how to feel at the minute, been feeling like that a lot today, saying goodbye’s to people over Waitrose yummy juice, iced fingers and FRAZZLES. Been kind of sad! A really sad day, as we feel so at home here, and they have been so welcoming! Even inviting me to the pub for a little celebration for one of their colleagues, which was nice as it felt like they really took us in! I worried so much that we’d be in the way or they would be far to busy to be able to really get us on board, but they weren’t and that has made it so much nicer to be here. One of the best bits is having a desk, my own desk! hah, not really that great, as it isn’t actually my desk, but it feels so nice to have a place to come and work that is mine for the time being. 

Today we showed everyone our work and talked through our outcomes and how we reached them, and they really liked our stuff, which pleased me! Although they were real live briefs that Tiffany gave us, they gave us the opportunity to have fun and really get stuck in, and be trusted and left to our own devices, which was really exciting. Tiffany has been great, and gave us a thank you postcard and a box of yum Lindt chocolates! We ran away down to waitrose to buy her some sunflowers to say thanks and mad her a card, with our business cards attached, so she can spy on us if she likes!

I love that I’ve discovered how well I can work with somebody else, Helen has a been an awesome person to be here with, couldn’t have been better. I feel I could burst with info I’ve picked up over the two weeks, which has all been safely tucked away in my lovely moleskine. Definitely gunna cram as much stuff as physically possible as to not forgot a single thing!! 

Aaaaaaaaah, packing up time… 😦 we’re off to the V&A for some folk night happening later and probably go see the exhibitions on at the moooo. 

It’s amazing how at home you can feel after two weeks…

Anyway this is all I can manage for now, I’m hungry for Lindt choc (:


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