Two Sisters

My six image narrative about ‘Two Sisters’. Poor spinster ladies.

This was the orignal.

Two Sisters

Two Sisters by Sir Cedric Morris, 1935


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2 Responses to Two Sisters

  1. Nicole says:

    The second image is my favourite! So well done; the colour, clean roughness (oxymoron) and collage works really well. It feels like everything has been well-fitted together and not just stuck together arbitrarily. And, as always, I love the expressions. The ladies’ bodies seem quite rough compared to the rest of them and the bloke, though..
    But this is really well done! And the feel of the original painting is still strongly carried right the way through all of your images. Good solid group of images you have there, I think! 🙂

  2. James Dowden says:

    🙂 You actually made me laugh out loud here! Yes, the expressions in that painting aren’t the most flattering; and I love how you’ve played with that and made it into a story! Oh and the headgear is awesome!!

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