CENSUS, don’t eat me.

BLANK back page just urged me to fill it, naturally like the drawing based human I am. So Ed(ula) and I decided to make light of the threatening Census, which by threatening I mean, saying that by not filling it out you could face a fine or imprisonment. A bit strong, as Ed rightly pointed out that if you don’t fill it out, how on earth would they find you, curious! Not a big deal you say, it wasn’t, but it did steal 10 minutes of my time, and me being me found it difficult even to not be distracted by this mundaaaaaane task for ten minutes, BOREEE. SO the drawing on it seemed even more attractive after, and even if they disregard it as a piece of rubbish i’ll know i felt all the better for making it look pretty!

Ed’s side, (www.wordpress.edwardfairburn.com) take a gands!


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One Response to CENSUS, don’t eat me.

  1. James Dowden says:

    You probably made some pen-pusher’s day! I hope it got illicitly taken home. Or maybe, just maybe, when the archives get opened in 2111, some distant, yet un-born relation of yours will be appearing on the umpteen-millionth series of Who Do You Think You Are? and will get her/his hands on the original census returns and discover where her/his artistic talent came from. (Oh, and I’m enjoying the gender ambiguity theme again!)

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